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Path to Clear Skin

The path to clearer skin can be long and winding—so how do you actually arrive there? For some perspective, we turned to Alisha Bridges, an entrepreneur, severe plaque psoriasis patient, and passionate advocate who knows a thing or two about the journey.

The bottom line? Offering yourself TLC can *actually* shift your mindset and help you navigate tough days. So prioritize self care, Bridges says, whatever that means for you. There’s no formula for self love, but checking in with yourself and listening to what your body needs is key.

“Self care can be a bath, a walk at the park, saying no, or making sure you are going to your doctor appointments and using treatments as instructed.”

Bridges, a lover of fashion, has lived with plaque psoriasis—the chronic, inflammatory skin condition that can present as itchy, red, or silver plaques on the skin—most of her life, and it’s impacted her in a number of ways. Desperate to hide her skin, psoriasis often dictated her style choices and influenced certain looks she preferred to wear.

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